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Day 1, Dish 1, Disaster 100 :)
May 21, 2008

Why hello there!

Whilst browsing the net for pictures of odd cakes that i’d found in the big fat dusty cookbook, i came across a rather smashing blogger named “small small baker” and eventually [not quite sure how…] i came across some great food blogs from this site.

Many [manymanymany] confused hours later i figured out how to make an account… and here i am, at your service – that is, should you be requiring a truly awful chef-to-be, with a catastrophic cooking history!

Gee whiz, my first ever post… exciting stuff, eh?

I’m going to use this blog as a record of my monstrosities – i thought it would be fun to see the journey my food goes through before it [one day in the distant future] becomes edible.

I can tell you’re just hanging on the edge of your seats to find out what horrers were lurking in my saucepan earlier today, so, being the ever-so-selfless person that i am, i uploaded some pictures, specially for you – you must feel very special.

Dish 1 – Alla Crema de Chein Chaud

Mmm...  Lumpy...


There’s not so much a recipe for this as heaping a dollopfull of whatever we had floating around in our kitchen into a saucepan… try it sometime, you might end up with something as mouth-watering as i did! Oh, did I say mouth-watering…? My mistake 😛