Release the cookie monster!!

That’s right.. COOKIES!!!

Officially my favourite food in the entire world, and oh-so-simple to bake ūüėÄ

Infact, so simple that they were indeed … wait for it… *gasp*


Yes!!! they were!!! Not only edible but darn tasty too. It would be a crime not to pass on the genius that is this recipe [and direct you to the lovely lady who i nicked it off in the first place ;)] so here you are…

I had to make adaptions as England, the small lonely island that it is, has no Ghirardelli chocolate to bestow upon us cookie-lovers, and so instead i experimented with Galaxy and Thorntons chocolate.

The Thorntons batch defenitely takes the cake!! [or should i say cookie…]

It was quite simply one of the most delicious things i have gobbled up in a while. And I have proof!! The official stuff-that-emily-has-baked-tasters gave the thumbs up too – whilst¬†i have never seen so many people¬†hastily¬†mumble *i’ll pass*¬†[who can blame them after my chocolate cheescake brownie slices], one brave soul decided she would take a sniff as she was passing the tin… and that was all it took!¬†She was excitedly proclaiming¬†[through¬†mouthfuls of cookie] that the rest of choir *haff gyohtta try theshe* and the tin was empty¬†in moments¬†ūüôā

Galaxy batch –¬†not so nice… been in the fridge for a little too long i think, and went quite hard.

Update: Finally¬† found the pictures in my dad’s sharing folder; so you can have a looksie:

And that\'s the way the cookie crumbles ;)  


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