Where there’s smoke, there’s Emily in the kitchen!

Stir fry attempt numero uno:


 not so much stirring and frying as sticking and burning...

Not so much stirring and frying and sticking and burning… in other words, oh dear!!

Let’s start from the beginning – my sister was getting fed up of all these new recipes being tried for dinner which she really wasn’t fond of, so suggested a stirfry because… well, what could go wrong?

What DIDN’T go wrong? For something so supposedly simple it sure was a lot of work – and it didn’t look or taste edible at the end either. A few bulletpoints on what went to pot…

  • First off, how on earth do the noodles work!?!?! We used ‘straight to the wok’ noodles which were incredibly overpriced, to make things a bit easier – straight to the wok my elbow, they stuck and burnt and didnt separate out; we ended up with big brown clumps of noodle…
  • The wok i used was sooo bad. I don’t know what happened, but it was meant to be non-stick and it everything stuck to it! It really got a bit out of control when I was trying to stir the vegetables and noodles and such with my wooden spatula and the spatula got stuck. In the end i had to dump all the not-ready-at-all food onto plates whilst i attempted to scrub the [may i add, never before used] wok with two types of washing-up liquid, bleach and the scrubby side of a sponge – the sponge had to be thrown after, as it was beyond repair. I then continued to stir-fry the food in a non stick frying pan… so much easier! Why, oh why didn’t i do that in the first place?
  • How much oil was i meant to add? I have a feeling that part of the reason everything stuck so much was because there wasn’t enough oil, but by the time i actually served the food, it was literally swimming in oil! It was disgusting! I’m not much of a fan of oil at the best of times and it was either too little or too much; rather confusing…
  • At one point the whole kitchen was so completely filled with smoke that I could barely see – and I don’t even know why!
  • I did the meat all wrong too: I was meant to put it in first or something, because it cooks slowest? Yeah, i sorta forgot…

Phew – I’ve ran out of things that went wrong!! Well it’s safe to say that this is the biggest catastrophe so far 😉 – don’t you fret, I’m sure my next posts won’t be quite as depressing ;P


3 Responses

  1. sorry you had so much trouble! the key to a good stir fry is getting the wok REALLY hot before throwing everything in – this usually requires a gas stove, not electric.

    thanks for visiting my blog! there are over 200 of us now baking along for TWD 🙂

  2. Well that would explain it, we can’t heat our non-stick pan too much – but thanks for the advice, I’ll be on the lookout four a proper wok instead!

    And woah, 200 people is a lot… Thanks for visiting my blog too 🙂

  3. (y) 😀

    :S:S:S:S oooooooooooookk…

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