Enjoying the nibbles? He was our favourite rabbit…

My dad is always coming up with new ways to entertain himself. Last month it was creating a garden outside his office at work, then building a picnic basket to put inside… God knows where he finds time to actually do his job, they must dispair at his cement plant! This meant that when, one Sunday evening over lunch, I asked oh-so-innocently: “What does rabbit taste of Daddy?”, he took this as an excuse to build – that’s right, a rabbit trap.

What a lovely surprise awaited us when we returned from our holiday by the seaside next week – a vile stench wafting from our fridge, coming from what we soon realised was a dead bunny. I barely wanted to know what Dad’s roommate said when he brought it home to his shared house down in Cambridge; but upon asking I was surprised to discover that they both enjoyed themselves immensely; skinning and gutting the poor things!

Well I wasn’t going to let this opportunity go to waste in any case, and jumped at the chance of making some scrummy rabbit dishes. I told mother that we would be making rabbit hotpot, then proceeded to scour the internet, searching for the perfect recipe [meaning the one that we weren’t missing too many of the ingredients!] before writing the two I couldn’t decide between down on a piece of paper in my very best handwriting… before realising that back on the ranch, Mother had been preparing the hotpot her own way. I arrived just in time to see the dish go in the oven – and to eat it later! 

In answer to my own question… rabbit tastes just like strong chicken, except with a subtle hint of something else. Have you ever been to a farm, and smelt that… farm smell? As you pass the animals? It was as if i could taste that smell in this dish! Unpleasant as it sounds, in some pieces you could barely taste it, and it added a great flavour which was very enjoyable to eat. However, in other pieces of rabbit, the taste was much more pronounced and I found it hardly bareable.


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