Banana Hit!

In the words of Mother: “All I can really say is banana, banana… and more banana!”

How can I put it any better? I think you get the jist of what our cake revolves around… But don’t go thinking that this is any ordinary banana cake. Three layers of scrummy surprises await you inside. So let’s dig in!


For more info on the three layers themselves, feel free to visit the post below, but as for the filling – now that was the fun part!! We took one egg yolk and thoroughly whisked it [in a Starbucks mug, no less] with 2 or 3 heaped tablespoons of sugar. We then mashed half a large banana. [or should I say whisked a banana, as my original plan to mash the banana with a potato masher didn’t quite work out… but that’s another story, tehe.] Okay, well we then whisked half a banana with half the mug of this yummy egg-yolk-and-sugar mix, and did the same again so that we had two mugfuls.

At this point it was time for the butter, which had been sitting in the bowl waiting to adjust to room temperature, to get whisked too. So we whisked it by itself first, then added sugar, bit at a time, before adding the banana mixture. Which was a very slow process, let me tell you! I had to dollop it in by the spoonful whilst the electric whisk continued to do it’s stuff, not to mention stopping the machine every few moments to scrape everything through with my handy spatula.

It sure was worth it though!!! What we ended up with was a light and extremely delicious banana buttercream. Not too buttery, not too sugary, with just the right amount of banana flavour in there. Perfect for our cake!!! Speaking of which, it was time to sandwich my layers together.

 Layer No.1 went down on the cake board: A normal sponge cake with just the subtlest hint of cinnamon, and then our lovely banana-cream went down on the cake. We didn’t hold back on the banana! Once we had finished a layer of banana-cream, we layered thinly sliced bananas over the top… but we were worried the bananas might brown, so we soaked them in a delicious Polish Honey Liqueur first!!! Mmm mm, those banana slices sure were tasty.

Above the banana slices went Layer No.2: A normal sponge cake with just the subtlest hint of cocoa, to give it that warm brown colour. [The bottom of which was just scraped with banana-cream, to make sure it was sandwiched securely] We continued this process of layering until we reached the top, which we covered with the remaining banana-cream [after coating the sides first, of course] – the end result of which was an appetizing creamy-coloured cake… that packs a banana hit!


2 Responses

  1. great job w/the layer cake! you should submit it to the layers of cake event over at quirky cupcake

  2. hey thanks for dropping by, i’m gonna link you up, if that’s not a problem with you. 🙂 this cake looks stupendously sinful! fresh banana buttercream, that’s a first! 🙂

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