Experiments are what I do best…

Since the start of this month, I have been promising myself that I will enter ‘Layers of Cake’: an event for – well, I’ll give you 3 guesses! 😉

It took me nearly the entire month to finally do something about it… Looks like I’ll be entering this event ‘stylishly late’.

HOWEVER… don’t you go thinking that I shall be entering the classic disaster-cake, made in a rush with me dithering all the way. Oh no, I have the advantage of a whole MONTH of planning, and the cake shall taste perhaps even lovelier than it looks – Erm, eventually. Yes okay, that’s right… I still haven’t finished the cake. Shame on me. There’s still one day to go until the closing of the event, I’ve got time!! We – meaning Mother and I – worked our socks off on Thursday, and shall finish the masterpiece tonight. Wanna know what we’re making? I can tell you’re hanging off the edge of your seat…

The Experimental Spicy Banana Cake

Experimenting may sound slightly risky… but where’s the fun otherwise!?! Our cake will consist of three layers…

Layer one, Cinnamon sponge:

Layer two, Ginger sponge:

And Layer three, a normal sponge but with a touch of cocoa – to give the layer a brown tint which will look fab when cutting slices:

Whilst the recipe may be new, the flavour combinations have atleast been previously tried and tested. You may be surprised to find that cinnamon, ginger and banana are three flavours that really compliment each other… dare I say perfectly? I can barely believe this combination hasn’t been stumbled upon before!

Join me later today when I’ll be cementing all three of these layers together in one towering layer cake – feel free to comment with any suggestions as to what you think I should add in between the layers and as a cream/frosting to coat the top and sides [Although I’m fairly sure I will be using bananas 🙂 ]


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  1. disregard my last comment – i guess you already know about the layers of cake event 🙂 cinnamon, ginger, and cocoa?! wow!

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