Is this cake POPular??

Birthday time!!!!!!!! – & we all know what this means…

Birthday CAKE time!!!!!!!!!!

Damn right, it’s cake time of year again – well, I say again… I’ve never actually made a birthday cake before *blush blush*. However, hopefully I have done the task justice this year with my themed cake. Go on, guess what it was shaped as 😀 😀

On Wednesday it was the 30th year anniversary of Grease Lightining coming out in the cinemas… so me & four friends went along for a laugh to go and watch it at the deluxe screen [can i get an oooh?] at our local cinema. To keep with the theme of cinema, i decided on making a… wait for it… POPCORN THEMED CAKE!!

It looks like a biiiig tub of popcorn. Look at the preetty picture:

Nice, huh?

It took me and Mother hours; we had never iced a cake in that way before and we had to make an enormous quantity of cake mixture!!! But in the end it was worth it; it tastes just as lovely as it looks and went down a treat with all my friends. 🙂

The cake recipe was that of a butter cake; the same quantaties and directions were used as in the ‘Roisin’; more commonly known as: 😉

I then made a considerable amount LESS buttercream than i had in that particular gateau, as it was only required to attatch the popcorn to the cake; I can just remember how long the mass leftover buttercream was taking up the fridge for after our last attempt!

The icing was bought ‘ready to roll’ and the popcorn was popped at home in the microwave. We boiled and sievved some [delicious] apricot jam, which we coated the cake with once it had been cut into shape; we didn’t however have time to colour the remaining icing, cut it into strips and make the typical ‘stripy red-and-white’ popcorn cone. Never mind!!!

Not all went well though, I shall have you know… the name’s not ‘catastrophe in process’ for nothing 😉


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